Here’s a summary of current chapter communication channels, so you can make informed decisions about how to receive information about PMI Tucson, and how to communicate with fellow chapter members.

Chapter Website 
The main chapter website - where you are now. Contains general chapter information, and a Members-Only area where presentations, etc. are posted. Both chapter members and non-members can create profiles/accounts on the site.

Board Blog (
Chapter-related updates and information in byte-sized pieces. We strongly recommend you check out the blog and subscribe to receive notifications about new posts via email or RSS feed. In many ways the blog functions as a chapter newsletter.

Mailing Lists
We have two separate mailing lists driven by your chapter website profile. One list publishes the event notices, and the other publishes general announcements. With the creation of the President’s Blog, we hope to keep email announcements to a minimum. Update your mailing list preferences via your profile, or use the unsubscribe links at the end of chapter emails.

LinkedIn Group
Show your affiliation with PMI Tucson by joining the Chapter’s LinkedIn group. Start discussions and network with other LinkedIn users.

Keep up with Chapter goings-on via our newly-created Facebook page, located here.

Discussion Boards
The Chapter’s discussion boards are on the main website. Anyone can read the discussions; once you log in, you can edit/add information. You can also subscribe: to the discussion forum, so you're notified when someone creates a new discussion topic; and/or to individual topics, to receive updates when people post additional comments about that specific topic. There’s a dedicated employment-related discussion thread, for example, if you're currently looking for work.

Member Directory
Once you’re logged in to this site, you can access the directory of chapter members. Use your profile to enable your contact information so other chapter members can contact you.

Contact the folks without whom there would be nothing to communicate about, the Chapter Board, via email.

Probably the most effective, and low-tech, way to stay connected with the Chapter is to attend an event/meeting. The current event schedule is here. Everyone is welcome to attend a meeting – members/non-members, certified/not-certified.