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Mentorship Needed

Good morning, My name is Joe Allred and I am a student at Embry Riddle University. I am currently working on my BS in Project Management and am in need of a mentor. My Project Management 300 course requires that I find a mentor that can spend about 30 minutes with me a week for 5 weeks to discuss the weekly topics. The desired mentor is someone currently working in the project management profession, and (it is not mandatory but desired) to have their PMP certification. If anyone is interested, I would greatly appreciate the assistance. Thank you Joe

Where to take the test

I am curious if anyone has any experience that they can share about whether the experience of taking the exam is better at home or at the testing center.

Research Assistance Requests

Requests received by the chapter to help with project management related research.

Job Opportunities

Please post your project management opportunities here. (Please log into the site first.  If you're unable to log in, please email details of the position to jobs@pmi-tucson.org.)  If you are looking for opportunities, please subscribe to this forum to receive updates.

Project Management software

What PM software is used in Tucson?

Experienced Users: 

Step-up and share your PM Application knowledge!   What is the biggest PM software trick you know of?  Do you recommend (or NOT recommend) a specific software; tell us WHY!

Are PM Applications new to you?  Do you need help?  

Tell our Members: 1) What software your employer is using, and 2) Tell us how we can help you.  For even faster help, provide a quick User Story that explains your situation.