Playing Project Management All the Way to Success

Ways of Working

Playing Project Management All the Way to Success


1. The lifelong learning approach – the world is your classroom.

2. Games as a better way to learn.

3. Why do we play games?

4. Serious games in the service of project management learning and practice

5. Whispers – a call-to-action for a specific task that can be written on a small note and carried out during a normal workday.

Project Management topics covered:

1. The universal foundations of project management – planning, control and communication.

2. The importance of planning a project – whether long term or in waves.

3. The Waterfall, Agile and the hybrid methodologies to manage projects.


Guest Speaker: Daniel Zitter

Daniel is an experienced project manager, a licensed industrial management engineer, and PMO Certified Consultant (PMO-CC®) on behalf of the PMO Global Alliance.

He is passionate about project management, and he's happy to tell anyone who will listen. He appreciates the complexities of managing a project. He enjoys discussing it with others and teaching the methodologies, thought processes and how to deal with the questions and challenges that are sure to arise.

He's happy to share his knowledge and experience with clients, friends and acquaintances – because he believes deeply in what he does, how he does it and that doing it right makes a huge difference to the outcome.

In recent years, Daniel has also been the Israeli ambassador of the PMO Global Alliance organization and a member of the judging team of the PMO Global Awards competition in which he helps select the best PMO bodies in the world.


7:30 AM - Virtual room open\Netwroking

7:50 AM - 8:00 AM Introductions and Chapter Announcments

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Presentation


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Ways of Working (Technical)


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