Project Management Institute - Tucson Chapter

PMI Tucson is a non-profit organization formed in March 1997 to better serve the southern Arizona members of the Project Management Institute.

We are committed to setting the standard of excellence for promoting project management leadership in our region by:

  • Promoting the certification of project managers and their ongoing professional development.
  • Maintaining an active project management forum to meet, exchange ideas and expertise.
  • Gaining public recognition as project management leaders.
  • Building a state-of-the-art network of project management knowledge.
  • Providing project management leadership to the community through public service

Chapter members come from industry, consulting, government and academia.


Our Mission

PMI Tucson provides a vibrant and supportive local community that empowers our members to excel in their project management roles while actively contributing to the positive transformation of our local environment.  

Our mission is to empower Southern Arizona's project management (PM) professionals, recognizing them as natural changemakers. Guiding their journey at every career stage through specialized education, networking opportunities, and steadfast support. We equip PMs to seamlessly turn visionary ideas into impactful realities.