Frequently Asked Questions

When are the Chapter meetings?

PMI Tucson has three events each month:

  • Dinner (Tucson) - 2nd Tuesday of each month

  • Dinner (Sierra Vista) - 3rd Thursday of each month

  • Breakfast (Tucson) - 4th Friday of each month

Please see our event schedule for upcoming events.

If I sign up on this site, am I an official member of the chapter?

No. The only way to actually join the chapter is to first join PMI national.

What's the advantage of creating an account on this site?

You'll be able to access members-only content, and you'll be automatically added to our event notification mailing list.

I'm already a PMI Tucson chapter member. Should I create an account?

Probably not - you should already have an account. Use the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Forgot password\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" option to reset your password if necessary. If you have recently become a chapter member, you can either wait for a website membership to be automatically created for you, or you can join the website now as a non-chapter member, and your membership type will be automatically changed within the next 30 days.

What if I create an account and then change my mind?

Every email you receive will contain an unsubscribe link.

Do you share account information from this site?

No, but we do sometimes distribute information on behalf of other PMI components, such as our sister chapter in Phoenix, if we think the information may be of interest.

Do I need to create an account to register for an event?


My email address has changed. Should I update my account?

Yes. If you are a PMI member, you should also update your information at, otherwise we may overwrite your updated information with outdated information from PMI National.

How do I claim my PDUs for attending an event?

If you are a PMI Tucson chapter member and pre-register for a chapter event (and attend), the chapter will process your PDU claim for you. You will receive an email from PMI National confirming the transaction.

To claim PDUs for a chapter dinner or breakfast event yourself, use the following instructions. (Do not try to search for chapter dinner or breakfast events in the system - they aren't listed. Please follow the instructions below carefully.)

  • Log into the CCR System. Use your registered username and password. If you are not registered on, you will need to create a registered user account.

  • Select "Report PDUs" from the menu on the left of the screen.

  • In “Step 1” from the “PDU category” drop-down menu, select “Cat A: Registered Education Provider program / PMI Component Event.”

  • Then, still in “Step 1”, from the “Activity type” menu, select “Report a Component 1-2 PDU Event.”

  • Click “Next”.

  • In “Step 2” input the c111 as the component ID, and select "Search".

  • Enter the information for Step 3 through Step 6.

How does the chapter communicate with members?

A summary of communications methods is posted here.

What happens if I register for an event but am unable to attend?

During the early bird registration period (typically up to two days prior to an event) we are able to provide a refund, if you contact After that point, we are unable to process refunds and/or credits.

How can I earn more PDUs?

There are many different ways to earn PDUs.

What is the hardship benefit?

In an effort to support chapter members who may be experiencing financial difficulties, the chapter can provide a hardship benefit to allow members to attend meetings at no cost.  To enquire about this benefit, please send an email to

Why are my PDU's not posted?

Our policy allows up to two weeks for PDU's earned at our Tucson events to show up on  Posting PDU's takes time, please be patient.