Virtual: Building Resilience via Enhanced Mental Fitness

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Building Resilience via Enhanced Mental Fitness


Project Management professionals often face tight deadlines, high expectations, and the need to balance multiple priorities simultaneously, which can be very stressful. Stress levels can vary depending on the project, organization, and other factors associated with the role. These can include a high-pressure environment, complex and dynamic projects, uncertainty and ambiguity, stakeholder management, resource constraints, team dynamics, and many others. In this session, you will learn powerful techniques to enhance your mental fitness and build resilience like never before. Say goodbye to reactive stress responses and welcome a state of centered calmness. Key Takeaways: - Tap into your creative side, even amid the chaos - Transform the way you respond to stress - Maintain a laser-sharp focus, even when faced with uncertainty and ambiguity - Harmonize your professional and personal life, helping to ensure you have the energy and enthusiasm to excel in both domains


Guest Speaker: Dr. Ravi Rajaratnam, PhD

Dr. Rajaratnam is an executive and leadership development coach and experienced workshop facilitator. He works with ambitious leaders, project teams, and entrepreneurs and equips them with the tools necessary to achieve enhanced mental fitness. This mental fitness helps individuals achieve a transformational shift towards sustained peak performance, overall well-being, and success in their professional and personal lives. Dr. Rajaratnam is also an accomplished speaker and author and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, an MBA in Global Management, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Leadership. To learn more about our speaker, connect with him on LinkedIn and check out his website.


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Date: September 22nd, 2023

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